Lotus baby-safe travel crib

While we are still on the topic of kids and camping beds, it’s a good time to talk about the Lotus Travel Crib.

It is a highly portable and lightweight traveling crib for your babies because babies also like adventure and the outdoors.

One of the biggest reasons why we are recommending the Lotus Travel Crib is that it’s made with safe and non-toxic materials. It also comes with a full-height mesh that guarantees good airflow even when it’s closed up fully. There is a comfortable mattress inside the crib as well so the baby can sleep peacefully. The softphone is approved for infants and newborns for a full overnight sleep session.

The Lotus Travel Crib is also designed to be easy to carry around even when you’re traveling to another country. It already comes with a light backpack carrying case, which makes it a lot easier to pack and fling over your shoulder. It might not be an important thing, but the Lotus Travel Crib also comes with a silent side zipper door, this means your baby won’t wake up right after you put them down for a nap.

We say…

No escape with this travel cot. Plus it’s light and easy to assemble.

  • Made out of non-toxic materials
  • The softphone is great for toddlers
  • The side zipper door is silent
  • Comes with a carrying case
  • The sheet is not included in the package
  • The mattress is a bit tiresome to install

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