Inflatable toddler travel bed with electric pump

Camping with the little ones? You don’t have to carry a full-sized camping bed for those tiny adventurers.

You can simply get the Asani Inflatable Toddler Travel Bed, which will provide a good night of sleep without the extra weight and size to manage. It is ideal for kids up to 4 feet and has reinforced protective bumpers that will keep your child securely on the bed.

One thing really appreciate about the Asani Inflatable Toddler Travel Bed is how high it is from the ground, the higher the bed, the lesser cold it will carry to the child. It is also made with a super soft premium material, which further adds to the overall sleeping experience.

We say…

No chance of roll out for the little ones with these soft sides!

  • The seams of the bed are reinforced
  • It inflates in just under a minute
  • Comes in a carrying case
  • There is also a pump and a pillow
  • The pump is a bit loud
  • The fabric color was more red than pink

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