Best camping chairs 2021


Sitting on the grass or forest floor can be fun, but less so when it’s damp after rain. This is where one of these best camping chairs can really help to enjoy your adventure outside. Whether you are camping on a mountain or simply enjoying an outdoor concert, one of the best camping chairs could be the difference between you enjoying the whole experience or you trying to find a place to rest.

Not every camping chair is made for everyone. Some people like larger seats, some people like their chairs to have some height, and some people like to have multiple cup holders because they love having drinks (no judgement here!). Thankfully, there are a ton of great camping chairs available with a wide variety of different features to choose from.

We have compiled a list of some of the best camping chairs that cover a wide range of types, strengths, features, and prices. Follow our best camping chairs buyer’s guide that can help you make the right choice at the right price.


Find the best chair solutions for your camping family

Buying a camping chair sounds straightforward, right? It’s just a chair, after all. Wrong! It is not just a chair, it’s a vehicle for comfort and relaxation and there are several factors you need to consider before plopping down a significant amount of your hard-earned money. Don’t worry, all the factors will make sense once you’ve finished reading this guide.

The comfort factor

You are going to be spending a lot of time on your camping chair, so it makes perfect sense that it should be comfortable for you. As a guy with a wide build, a small chair would definitely be uncomfortable for me. Similarly, if you are purchasing a camping chair for a kid, it should be small and not too tall that the kid cannot sit by themselves in it.

However, camping chairs that are superbly comfortable are often bigger in size. If you have the space to carry and transport them easily, there is nothing better than a large, comfortable chair you can pop right outside the tent and enjoy the evening. Comfort is also subjective, so something that is comfortable for you may not be for someone else. Take some time to consider what is important to you to help you choose the most comfortable camping chair.

The budget

If you are one that goes camping regularly, investing in a good quality chair that is going to last a long time is the best way to go. However, if you rarely go or go just once or twice a year, getting a chair that gets the job done and doesn’t take a lot of storage space would be the best choice. There are a ton of budget camping chairs available, and many of them are made out of sturdy materials despite their low price. However, if you are going super low on the budget, you will sacrifice some of the features or build quality.

The weight

Weight is another important feature that often gets ignored while purchasing online. If there limited space in your car or truck then getting a lightweight camping chair make it a lot easier to transport. If you’re going on a hike and need to carry your equipment, a heavier camping chair is going to slow you down significantly. There is a lightweight category dedicated to making your life easier while transporting the camping chair, these lightweight camping chairs shrink drastically when they are folded up and packed. The frame, the fabric, and the structure are designed in such a way that the chairs don’t take a lot of space and are easier to carry by yourself.

Another thing to keep in mind when purchasing a camping chair is the folding mechanism. Some chairs simply fold flat, and some crumple up into a cylinder-like shape. The smaller the chair becomes when folded up, the easier it will be to carry around.

Build quality

In my experience, the build quality is directly related to the price. However, are always exceptions to the rule and a number of camping chairs are priced reasonably well without sacrificing quality. But if you are looking for a good camping chair that is going to last you a couple of years, you are better off spending a little more on better material. Often the lightweight category doesn’t have sturdy materials simply because they are trying to keep the weight down.

The design and dimensions

Ground to seat height

There are a few factors to consider about the design and dimensions of the camping chair you are getting. First and foremost is the ground-to-seat height. If you want to take your camping chair to shows and concerts and don’t want people behind you to get annoyed, you should consider a low seat height. However, a lower seating position can be hard to get into and is a bit uncomfortable for longer durations of time. It’s a simple fact that the taller chairs are more comfortable if you are an average height person.

Back height

Another feature you need to consider is the back. A camping chair with a comfortable back should provide support for your back and neck. Most of the camping chairs are not going to be comfortable like a regular office or work chair, but the manufacturers try to make them as comfortable as they can. If you have back issues and need proper support, a camping chair with a higher back is the way to go. Combine that with a cushion, and you have very comfortable seating.

Leg design

The legs of a camping chair are much lighter than standard ones, and they are also designed to support different positions for easy portability. The legs are also sometimes made with light materials, so the overall chair is easier to carry around. In my personal experience getting a standard camping chair is the best way to go unless you are planning to walk a chair for a couple of miles, even for that there are dedicated backpacking chairs available. You don’t need an ultralight camping chair to enjoy your camping trip, a standard leg design is more than enough.

Extra features

Usually, camping chairs are just chairs, you can sit on them, and maybe play musical chairs with them, but there isn’t a lot you can do. However, there are some bells and whistles that can certainly make your sitting experience more pleasurable. One of the best features is a cup holder, this is a dedicated holder built inside one of the arms of the chair. Some fancy chairs even have two cup holders for double the drinks.

Some luxurious camping chairs also come with padding, that’s right, there are camping chairs that will make you take a nap simply because they are too comfortable. A friend that definitely wasn’t me fell asleep in a padded camping chair and had a moustache drawn on his face, so be aware of the consequences.

Some camping chairs also come with side pockets that are made out of mesh material. This allows you to hold some essential items with you while sitting. I usually place books inside the chair’s pocket when I’m not actively reading.

The best camping chair options

Even though all products on this list are chairs, they bring something unique to the table, pun not intended. We highly recommend that you browse through the whole list for an idea of what the market has to offer, and who knows, you may find multiple great camping chairs for your outdoor adventures.

Best Camping Chairs

Alpha Camp Oversized Camping Chair

The Alpha Camp Oversized Camping Chair is oversized in the name but is not as big as you think, especially since you can easily fold it up for transportation. There is however a heavy-duty chair that can easily support up to 450 LBS of weight. I tested it out with the patented and highly scientific chair test that involves me sitting on a chair while getting paid, and if it can withstand me, it can withstand anyone.

Another great thing about the Alpha Camp Oversized Camping Chair is its padded Oxford fabric. That’s not all, the armrest is also padded, so you can easily get comfortable on this chair. I tested out the black version, but there is also a blue one available. The frame is made with stainless steel that is powder coated with a hammer tone, this results in a sturdy and heavy metallic structure that can withstand a lot of weight easily. The only downside is that the chair itself weighs 13.2 LBS.

Alpha Camp Oversized Camping Chair

If you require a comfortable chair that is not too pricey, the Alpha Camp Oversized Camping Chair is easily one of the best options available. It has padded fabric, padded armrests, a side cooler bag, a double mesh cup holder, a side storage pocket, and an easy-to-fold design.

We say…

Looking to super-size your comfort factor? This is the chair for you.

  • Spacious and easy to fold
  • Good quality fabric that is also padded
  • The double mesh cup holder is convenient
  • Comes with a side cooler bag
  • A bit on the heavier side

Pacific Pass Directors chair with folding side table

If you’re in the market for a straightforward and budget-friendly camping chair, the Pacific Pass Directors Chair will get the job done nicely. It is a Director style chair with sharp angles in a simple and easy-to-handle design. It is also one of the most sturdy camping chairs we have tested, thanks to its thick steel tube frame. The steel frame is also coated with powder to avoid corrosion and rust.

The Pacific Pass Directors Chair can support weight up to 250 LBS, but I recommend that you don’t test that limit. However, if you’re thinking that the chair will make you the director of the camp, you are sadly mistaken. Apart from that, the Pacific Pass Director’s Chair is an excellent chair for fishing for longer periods of time. I also really like the high-grade polyester that makes the chair a lot more comfortable to sit on.

Pacific Pass Directors Chair

The chair also comes with a collapsible side table, so you can easily place books, smartphones, tablets, fishing bait, several thick gold bars that you stole from a temple, and even dinner. There is also a cup holder built into the table, so you can place your beverages easily without the worry of any spills. The backseat of the chair is both padded and easy to fold which allows you to transport the chair rapidly.

We say…

A nice upright back for good posture, and a side table too!

  • Straightforward and simple design
  • The back and seat are padded
  • The side table is very convenient
  • Sturdy steel frame
  • The fabric stitching should be reinforced

Cliq camping chair

Does the thought of carrying a heavy camping chair to the mountain make you sweat in fear? Do you want a camping chair that you can carry in your backpack? Well, your camping prayers have been answered because the Cliq Camping Chair is exactly the chair you want. It’s not just one of the most portable camping chairs, it is “the” most portable camping chair.

It’s almost like magic, when you fold it up, it becomes tiny, even smaller than some umbrellas. Actually, it is as small as a drinking bottle when it’s completely folded up. Unfolding the chair only takes a few seconds, and you will be able to sit down easily anywhere. It’s so small that taking it with you in your car permanently is a viable option. The Cliq Camping Chair is a perfect solution if you hate standing in lines or simply don’t want your white jeans to get grass stains.

Cliq camping chair

The company claims that the Cliq Camping Chair can support up to 300 LBS of weight, but if you are somewhere around the 200 point you’ll be fine. It is made out of aircraft-grade aluminum, so the frame is sturdy yet lightweight. It is also surprisingly comfortable to sit on. The only downside I could find with the chair is that the carrying bags are sold separately.

We say…

This one is seriously small when it is folded up, and so light – perfect for hiking.

  • Aircraft-grade aluminum build
  • Highly portable and easy to carry
  • The fabric is sturdy
  • Only weighs 3.5 LBS
  • Doesn’t come with a carrying case

Sportneer portable lightweight folding camping chair (2 pack)

Sportneer Portable Lightweight Folding Camping Chair has a long name and has an equally long feature list, which is quite impressive. First off, this is a pack of 2 chairs and both of them are exactly the same, so you’re getting twice the chairs for this price.

OThe frame of the Sportneer Portable Lightweight Folding Camping Chair is made out of heavy-duty aluminum and is stable on flat surfaces. Thanks to the aluminum build, each chair only weighs 2 LBS. Carrying both chairs is quite easy for a single person. The shock cord pole structure makes it easy to set up the chairs as well.

Sportneer Portable Lightweight Folding Camping Chair (2 pack)

The point to be noted here is that it is a low height chair. Using it during a concert or a performance wouldn’t hinder the view for the people that are behind you. The company says that the chair can withstand 350 LBS weight, but I recommend that you aim for 250 for this one.

We say…

Two-for-one! Twice the value, and they are super-light too.

  • Lightweight aluminum build
  • Comes in a pack of two
  • It’s super easy to set up
  • The carry-on bag is included
  • The legs are pointy and dig easily in soil

MARCHWAY Ultralight folding camping chair

Need a camping chair that is as lightweight on the wallet as it is itself, the MARCHWAY Ultralight Folding Camping Chair just might be the one you’re looking for. It is available in 8 different colors and all of them look wonderful, I tried to get the blue version, but somehow we got the black and gray one with an orange frame.

The MARCHWAY Ultralight Folding Camping Chair only weighs 2 LBS and can withstand weight up to 250 LBS, it is a highly lightweight camping chair that’s easy to handle. The foldable aluminum pole, the shock cord that makes it easy to set up and pack. The seat is ergonomic and gives you a comfortable seating experience thanks to its breathable mesh on the back.

MARCHWAY Ultralight folding camping chair

We say…

Eight different colours to choose from with this ultra-light chair.

  • Shock cord design is convenient
  • Made with good quality aluminum and nylon
  • The breathable back makes summer outings a joy
  • Comes with a carrying case
  • Balancing the chair on uneven surfaces is hard

KABOER Kids camping chair

If you have kids going on a camping trip with you, then getting the KABOER Kids Camping Chair is a no-brainer. It comes in 4 different designs that are bound to entice kids into sitting in one place, especially when you have a fire going on. However, despite the cool designs, there is no guarantee your kids will remain in place for more than 15 minutes.

The KABOER Kids Camping Chair comes in dinosaur, mermaid, panda, and unicorn designs. They all have different colors as well, so there is a lot of choice with this one. This is a foldable camping chair that’s made out of Oxford fabric and steel. The steal is coated, so it can withstand water and stains. There is also a cup holder on the right armrest made out of mesh material, even if someone is being mischievous and spills their drink, it won’t pool inside.

KABOER Kids Camping Chair

We say…

With four designs available, there’s bound to be one your kid absolutely loves.

  • 4 different attractive designs
  • Heavy-duty steel frame
  • Mesh cup holder
  • Comes with a storage bag
  • The storage bag could use improved materials

KingCamp folding air sofa

The KingCamp Folding Air Sofa is for the times when you simply need a couch in the forest. You don’t have to explain your reasoning, I completely understand that you want to watch Shrek for the 10th time on a mountain. The KingCamp Folding Air Sofa is a completely waterproof and inflatable air sofa you can crop down anywhere you want, just make sure to survey the area for any sharp rocks.

The KingCamp Folding Air Sofa can seat 2-3 people comfortably and unless someone is actively trying to topple it over, it will be really hard to do so. Inflating a large sofa sounds like a chore, but thanks to the included foot pump, it only takes around 5 minutes. Deflating is significantly easier as you just have to open the air nozzle and let the air out. Overall, the KingCamp Folding Air Sofa is a great way to enjoy company in great comfort without having to haul an actual sofa with you..

KingCamp Folding Air Sofa Chair

We say…

Who doesn’t want to lounge around while camping!

  • Very spacious
  • Large seating area
  • Comes with a foot pump
  • Easy storage
  • Inflating is a workout

Hiccapop Omniboost travel chair

Who says you can’t go camping with a toddler? I certainly don’t, because I have seen what Hiccapop Omniboost Travel Chair has to offer, and I’m quite impressed. Despite having a superhero name, the Omniboost does a very good job of keeping your toddler grounded.

Thanks to the safety harnesses, your baby will stay put without any worries. The restraint system on this baby camping chair is remarkable, even if your toddler loves to move around. It is super easy to clean as well, so you don’t need to worry about any food messes. The chair also comes with a removable swivel tray, so the tiny human can dine with ease. With a dedicated carrying bag, dishwasher safe tray, machine washable cover, and comfortable safety harnesses, Hiccapop Omniboost Travel Chair is an easy recommendation for young adventurous parents.

Hiccapop Travel Booster Seat for Baby

We say…

We love the easy-clean attributes of this travel chair.

  • Soft and comfortable safety harnesses
  • The swivel tray is dishwasher safe
  • Comes with a great quality carrying bag
  • Firm stability, no chance of tipping over
  • The tray doesn’t snap into place easily

Parting words

These were some of the best camping chairs for adventurers. We included a wide variety of them, including a full-sized air sofa and even a chair for the baby. Hopefully, your escapades will not tire you as much thanks to one of these chairs, and you’ll have a comfortable camping experience.

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