ALPHA CAMP oversized camping folding chair

The Alpha Camp Oversized Camping Chair is oversized in the name but is not as big as you think, especially since you can easily fold it up for transportation.

There is however a heavy-duty chair that can easily support up to 450 LBS of weight. I tested it out with the patented and highly scientific chair test that involves me sitting on a chair while getting paid, and if it can withstand me, it can withstand anyone.

Another great thing about the Alpha Camp Oversized Camping Chair is its padded Oxford fabric. That’s not all, the armrest is also padded, so you can easily get comfortable on this chair. I tested out the black version, but there is also a blue one available. The frame is made with stainless steel that is powder coated with a hammer tone, this results in a sturdy and heavy metallic structure that can withstand a lot of weight easily. The only downside is that the chair itself weighs 13.2 LBS.

If you require a comfortable chair that is not too pricey, the Alpha Camp Oversized Camping Chair is easily one of the best options available. It has padded fabric, padded armrests, a side cooler bag, a double mesh cup holder, a side storage pocket, and an easy-to-fold design.

Alpha Camp Oversized Camping Chair
Alpha Camp Oversized Camping Chair dimensions
Alpha Camp Oversized Camping Chair features

We say…

Looking to super-size your comfort factor? This is the chair for you.

  • Spacious and easy to fold
  • Good quality fabric that is also padded
  • The double mesh cup holder is convenient
  • Comes with a side cooler bag
  • A bit on the heavier side

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